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In contrast to Wordle, which gives you six chances to guess a single word, in Waffle you have to predict six words. The grid in the game has words that are green, yellow, and white that you may switch around to create six different words. The words can be switched 15 times in total. Every Waffle has ten possibilities to be solved, according to the website.

The green tiles show that they are in the proper location. The yellow tiles serve as a reminder that certain letters in the word require a different placement. The white tiles must be changed because they do not belong there.

When all of the tiles have been appropriately placed or all of your chances have been used, the game is over. The game refreshes every 24 hours, just like Wordle, and you can only play it once every day.

Waffle rules:

Each tile's color indicates how it relates to the grid's last row:

  • The final row precisely matches the green letter.
  • The final row has a yellow letter, but it is in a separate column.
  • The last row lacks a grey letter.
  • Only the proper amount of tiles will be colored for repeat letters, starting with the precise matches and moving left to right.

You should try Waffle if you're searching for a challenge.

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