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Worldle is a geography trivia game where players match a country's outline with its name. It is created by World Game Studios and is based on the popular game Guess The City.

Users generally rate this game positively for the ways in which it can reinforce geography knowledge. They especially like the fact that this game makes them think about spaces in relation to their own world’s shape. However, some users find it difficult to figure out where certain countries are located without reference to another visual aid such as a map or photograph.

The World Game is played on the first Sunday of every month with a different country or territory as the theme. Users are able to purchase hints, which range from one to six tries in length, depending on the user. The game's creator says that all information provided by users is strictly anonymous, as it would be nearly impossible to track who has bought what hint and when.

Each time you guess, you'll see another image from the game. When you're finished guessing, click "Check It" to reveal a list of countries or territories you didn't get right but were close enough for some consolation prize. Each correct guess gives you points that vary based on how difficult it was to figure out the answer. In order of difficulty from easiest to hardest:

- One correct guess: 10 points
- Two correct guesses: 20 points
- Three correct guesses: 30 points
- Four correct guesses: 40 points

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