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The game of Trekle is a classic word game that requires good concentration and speed of thinking. It also helps improve vocabulary and spelling ability.

This game is a cross between Scrabble and Hangman, in which players create words from available tiles. The English version has about five hundred different words in its dictionary, but there are many more languages that have word lists for the game. Once you understand the rules, it becomes easier to keep up with the high speeds at which players try to come up with words as quickly as possible by reading their word lists and seeing what letters they have left.

There are many variations of Trekle games; however, most of them use the same core set of rules and gameplay mechanics:

• Players have letters randomly drawn from their pile or from other player’s piles

• Each letter is assigned a point value depending on its length (the more letters there are that start or end with that letter, the higher point value it receives)

• Players then build words using their letters in whatever way they choose

• The player who has built the most points wins

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