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There are many different word games with a common denominator – the use of letters to form words. Many variations of word games have been created based on this core element. One such game is SQUAREDLE (or squared letters).

This amazing game is a simple letter-based trivia game played by two players with equal skill levels. The objective of the game is to get your opponent to guess the letters you have concealed in your word list.

To play SQUAREDLE, you need two sets of letter cards and an opponent. The first player writes down their list of 40 words (one per card). With their chosen words hidden, they place all 40 cards face-down in a row, alternating left-to-right and top-to-bottom as they write. They run their fingers over all 40 cards to create an impression and erase any writing, before placing them face down in front of them where they cannot be seen.

The second player then turns over one at a time the first player’s letter cards and reads aloud what’s written on them from left to right from top to bottom (1 letter at a time), until either the end of the other player guesses that one letter correctly or gives up. If it’s not possible for both players to give up at the same time, then whoever does so must reveal his/her hidden list first but may do so only once per round – after which point all remaining letters

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