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Solitaire Tripeaks

Solitaire Tripeaks is a simple, yet no less difficult, single-player card game. Its name is derived from the design of the playing cards in the tableau. Tri-Peaks, also known as triple peaks, are created when these are arranged so that they form three pyramids of overlapping cards.

The objective of this Solitaire game is to remove every card from the tableau, just like in previous Solitaire games. When compared to Spider Solitaire or Klondike, the process is very different. The players now have to form mixed sequences alternating between cards one number higher and/or lower than the preceding one in order to create full sequences in order and by suit.

Rules for Tripeaks and tableau

A 52-card deck is used in Tripeaks Solitaire. The objective is to disassemble the pyramids in order to gather every card that is visible in the tableau. Only cards that rank one point higher or lower than the top card on the discard pile may be collected.

The pyramids (on the tableau), the stockpile, and the discard pile are the three primary sections of the board in Tripeaks Solitaire.

There are three pyramids on the tableau. Each one starts with four cards as its foundation and has a single card at its peak. As a result, there are 28 cards overall that are arranged in 4 rows. The cards in the remaining rows are facing down, while the cards at the bottom of each pyramid are facing up. A card can only be turned around if there is no overlap with any other cards.

In the stockpile, the remaining cards are arranged face down. The collected cards must be placed in the discard pile by the players.

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