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Solitaire Social

Solitaire Social is a fantastic variation of the classic Solitaire game known as Klondike or Patience that includes a number of extra features, such as:

- Play standard Solitaire or a chill version with large cards that have high visibility card suits and numbers for those of us with imperfect vision (relaxed is all cards turned face up)

- Play arbitrary hands or one of the countless winnable hands available.

- Keep track of all previous games, play the ones you lost, and learn from them.

- Full undo for when you make a mistake.

- Card tips for times when you're pressed for time or just stuck

- Card steals (kind of like cheats), for those hands you just can't win without a little assistance.

- 16 unique bespoke card decks to suit your tastes

- 18 unique personalized backgrounds for those times when you simply need a change.

- Keep tabs on all of your performance data

- Daily missions to provide a tiny bit of added excitement

- Support for phones and tablets

- Auto-completion

- No cost to use

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