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Semantle - this game is a word search game in which you must find hidden words in the grid. You are given letters of the alphabet as clues for each word. Once you find all words, you can play again to beat your high score.

As there are no letters in it and you must guess words from their clues. Once you finish this game, you can replay it to see if you got a perfect score.

This game is quite straightforward. You're given a word, and you must guess what it is. However, there are some clues given with the word and you have to guess the word based on that.

You are given five clues and a jumbled word to guess. Once you think you have figured out the word, you type it in the blank box and continue on to the next clue. If you get it wrong, then you have to go back and try again until you figure out all five words correctly.

For example, if the word were “TENDER”; one of your clues might be: “Something that’s soft or stroked frequently”. So if you know what TENDER means (the top surface of beef), that could help narrow down your options for the other four clues.

It gets tougher as you go up the levels. Each clue reduces the number of possible words for you to choose from. So if you’re looking for a challenging word game, this one’s for you!

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