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In Mob Control, players must use their reaction time, shooting skills, and math abilities to strategically release stickman invaders to defeat incoming red attackers and reach enemy castles. The game involves shooting little running characters to run through portals that will multiply them or add extra soldiers to the army.

Each red box in the game has a number on it that corresponds to the number of blue stickmen required to send into battle. The game gets progressively harder as the player advances through each level, and red stick people are occasionally sent toward the player to increase the challenge.

Mob Control is a fast-paced and engaging game that requires players to think quickly and make split-second decisions. It combines various elements such as stick figures, combat, math, and shooting, making it a unique and entertaining experience for players. The game is available online for free and can be played on various devices.


  • Combines stick figures, combat, math, shooting, and other elements to create a unique gameplay experience
  • Levels get progressively harder as you play, adding to the challenge
  • The game includes checkpoints so you can save your progress and pick up where you left off later
  • The ability to multiply or add stickmen to your army by shooting them through portals adds a strategic element to the game


  • Your objective is to defeat the enemy by sending the correct number of stickmen into battle
  • Red boxes on the screen indicate the number of stickmen you need to send into battle
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot the stickmen into battle
  • Be sure to shoot them through portals to multiply or add more stickmen to your army
  • Watch out for the enemy's attacks and try to stay alive while defeating them
  • Proceed through each level checkpoint by checkpoint until you reach the end

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