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The Lingle game is a word-association test. It's not very difficult to understand how this complex sounding test of vocabulary and word association can be boiled down to so few words! The Lingle game is designed to measure someone's associative thinking ability by having them respond to a variety of prompts with single words.

Lingle is a word-guessing game. Players take turns guessing as many words as possible in one minute. The catch? Players can only give clues in the form of other words that start with the same letter as the hidden word. For example, if your teammate gives you ‘duck’ as a clue for ‘goose’, you cannot say anything like ‘waterfowl’ or ‘aquatic bird’. You must give another word that starts with the letter ‘D’.

In this game, you are given a hint word and need to find as many related words as possible. For example, if the hint word is frog, you might guess that words like pond, green, water, and slippery would all be valid answers; because they all relate to frogs in some way or another.

The rules of the game are simple. You will be given a clue and four response options. Your job is to find the one word that links all of them in some way. Once you figure it out, circle that answer and move on to the next clue.

If you get stuck, try switching answers with another player or flipping them upside down. Sometimes just re-reading the clues can spark new ideas as well! Let’s take a look at how to solve a Lingle game puzzle and find all the hidden words!

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